About English version SOSHOO

With the rapid development of China's economy for last three decades, China has become the second largest economy in the world. More and more foreign users started to pay attention to China. China INFOBANK (International) Limited Company in August 2006 launched the world's largest China Statistical data professional website----"SOSHOO" (www.soshoo.com). SOSHOO means literally in Chinese search for numerical data. The English version SOSHOO is a new trial product based on the Chinese SOSHOO, launched specially for the international users.

With this product, users can easily query the statistical data in English over the past decade for the China national level over the past decade and at provincial or municipal level for nearly four years for 31 Chinese provinces and municipalities. The data in SOSHOO cover all aspects of social and economic development, giving users great convenience for deep study of China. The data sources in this new product are from the Statistical Yearbooks published annually by the Chinese government both national and provincial statistics department, and gradually expanded to the statistics of China's most important 50 cities.

Users can search in full text or by industry, region and year to retrieve the required data. This new product is valid for the existing Chinese SOSHOO subscribers and officially launched to global users in January 2013. Other users interested in this product can also be asked the trial account, we will be happy to provide you with attentive service.

In addition, translation of statistical terms requires a very professional skills and training. In the process of SOSHOO translation, some errors are inevitable, we apologize for that and, at the same time, we are also eager to receive your correction and feedback.

May 10, 2012